HBS Certified with PrescribersConnection

Published on

20:Aug '15

HBS is excited to announce RxAXIS has received certification to transmit electronic claims through PrescribersConnection for long term care facilities as part of the NCPDP SCRIPT 10.6 standard. PrescribersConnection is a developer and marketer of electronic prescription (ePrescription) software solutions that automate the prescription fulfillment processes for healthcare organizations and retail pharmacies. Since many eMAR vendors are choosing PrescribersConnection as their connection point for SCRIPT 10.6 transmissions, HBS worked with PrescribersConnection in successfully completing certification in four key areas:
  1. Long Term Care Workflows (Census, NewRx, RxFill, Resupply, CancelRx and Response).
  2. PrescribersConnection Application Integration Requirements.
  3. PrescribersConnection Script 10.6 Implementation.
  4. Connectivity through PrescribersConnection Network.

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